Those knights which made Valdorcia free from Ghino di Tacco robberies


1400: Ghino di Tacco ,the sanguinary robber, infests this area and no food can be supplied to the kitchen of the village : people are starving ! The village's lordship is engaging brave heart knights to get the food back and save his folks.Some valorous knights ride through Valdorcia territories, crossing any secret paths to escape from Ghino's vigilance . Found luck in their task to find all what’s needed they happily go back to the village to feast the mission triumph.
Be you too one of the knights who contributes to feed the village folks and free them from the terrible robber!


Artès MIchele
Artès Michele
His lordship of the village Michele comes with you to discover Valdorcia, riding on his  “cycled horse “ and also, thanks to expert local chef helps you learning to cook typical ancient recipe of his enchanting lands . And as great final all the group makes feast together , raising merry wine glasses, all as special guests in Michele‘s home, to celebrate the victory of those valorous knights . 


How long we stay together:           



from 08.30 a.m. to 15.30 p.m.


Booking and informations

please contact:
and in the object copy the experience code P00109


Meeting place:

San Quirico d'Orcia (Siena)


How we move:

By bycicle



  • We kindly welcome from 3 to maximum 6 persons in each group
  • The price of the experience includes all tour assistance by Artés Michele and the guided bicycle trip through Valdorcia, insurance, cooking lesson, banquet and final participation award.




Michele is glad to share with you his passion for tourism cycling, photography, places history, nature and cooking. 



Families, tourists, Italians and not, bike riding lovers, nature fans, people interested in legends and good Tuscany cooking estimators. This tour suits to people who are middle level bike riding trained



  • The followers are assigned as “ Knights of this Mission” in front of the house of His Lordship Michele
  • This group, photocamera on hand, discovers, riding on cycling horses the amazing landscapes of Valdorcia and in the trip shoots images and picks wild fruit offered by the earth useful to feed all that village starving population
  • Great banquet feast all together to celebrate the victorious task at Michele’s home
  • At Michele’s home a talented local chef teaches to cook his special traditional Tuscany recipe
  • At the banquet each one is honored by his Lordship greetings and gets awards for his courage
  • Photos and videos are shared on the socials cured by Artés society.


- Partecipants will use their own bycicles and cameras



  • Kids under 14 years old have to be necessarily accompained from an adult during all the experience time
  • If you have allergies or intollerances, please inform us in advance