A new chef for “La Scala”

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THE STORY Teatro alla Scala restaurant’s chef is retiring soon and he’s looking for his worth substitute. The maitre is pleased to invite you at new great chef selection event. He will ask you to test your talent in choosing and buying all ingredients to prepare his recipes in one ofthe best local market of Milano and cooking all you got there to make some Italian delicious dishes. He will teach you how to get ready his specialties and after … Read More

Those knights which made Valdorcia free from Ghino di Tacco robberies

THE STORY 1400: Ghino di Tacco ,the sanguinary robber, infests this area and no food can be supplied to the kitchen of the village : people are starving ! The village’s lordship is engaging brave heart knights to get the food back and save his folks.Some valorous knights ride through Valdorcia territories, crossing any secret paths to escape from Ghino’s vigilance . Found luck in their task to find all what’s needed they happily go back to the village to feast the mission triumph. … Read More

In search of the Old Testament of Count Rudolf to save the Terre di Brianza

THE STORY “The formula to save the Earth and its fertility” seems to be hidden inside the Oasis of Galbusera Bianca. Its owner Gaetano Besana knows that the formula is in the spiritual testament of an ancestor of him, contemporary of R. Steiner. For the formula you have to overcome a series of difficult puzzles and obstacles, so Ester, curious traveler, friend of Gaetano has offered to help him. But also it needs your help to save humanity from eco environmental collapse caused by cement … Read More

The gorgonzola and the Marquise: cheese for poors at a nobles banquet

THE STORY In about 1820 the Marquise Busca Arconati Visconti, nee Serbelloni, hosts some nobles from Milan, France and Austria in her country house in Gorgonzola village. The Marquise wants to offer a rich banquet, showing them that the typical cheese of Gorgonzola is great food for aristocratic tastes too and not only for poor people! The chef of the Marquise needs help to prepare the magnificent banquet and Ginevra, the handmaiden of the Serbelloni family, selects a special cooking … Read More

Save the yeast of Queen Margherita!

THE STORY Picture the scene if you will: The Royal Palace is in crisis! Queen Margherita’s personal baker is mad for love and has stopped baking the Royal Bread.  What’s more, he has hidden the unique,legendary wild yeast from which the Royal bread is made. Without it the bread cannot be made. Nothing else will do. The Royal Household are in a panic, how shall we find the Queen’s wild yeast? Where in the wild yeast hidden? Will you help … Read More