A new chef for “La Scala”

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Teatro alla Scala restaurant’s chef is retiring soon and he’s looking for his worth substitute. The maitre is pleased to invite you at new great chef selection event. He will ask you to test your talent in choosing and buying all ingredients to prepare his recipes in one ofthe best local market of Milano and cooking all you got there to make some Italian delicious dishes. He will teach you how to get ready his specialties and after the final banquet , he chooses the best cook as the winner.
Get ready to play this culinary game and show your abilities to the world!


Artès Davide
Davide , playing as the chef of Restaurant alla Scala, will guide  you to become  a real Milanese chef . Get in touch  with the real  Milan Gourmet soul,  go shopping  into one of the authentic Milan open market and soon learn the Italian cooking tradition with on hand  a great chef of Milan.


How long we stay together:           

4h 30m            


From 09.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
From 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


Info and booking:

please contact: artes@experienceforyou.org 

and in the object copy the experience code P00102


Meeting place:

Piazza Della Scala, Milano
In front of Leonardo Da Vinci statue


How we move:

walking, by sub-way  and tram-way



We kindly welcome from 4 to 6 partecipants max in each group.
The price of the experience includes the visit to Porta Nuova and Isola districts, accompanied by a certified tour guide, expert in history and culture of Milan, the entrance and the visit to the Private Museum "Foundry Barigozzi" with the owner Dr. Barigozzi, the entrance to the jewellery studio Uroburo and the assistance by a Lombard master jeweller who will help each participant to forge a precious metal jewel that will remain to the participant at the end of the experience. A certificate of participation will be delivered, in addition to the publication of photos and to the partecipation to a contest on social networks to celebrate the best jewel of 2015.



Cooking Class, Generale and Gastronomic culture of Italy


Adults who fell in love with Italian cooking, who wish to be “ Chef of the day”, starting from buying the right ingredients until attending a special cooking class by a famous cook of Milan.



  • Approach to the shopping list needed to prepare the contest to find out the new Alla Scala restaurant’s chef
  • walk guided by Davide, expert guide, getting in touch with the best places of Milan gastronomy : Piazza della Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza del Duomo, Via Torino.
  • A closer look to famous gastronomy shop Pec
  • Transfer by Metro underground to Piazza Wagner to reach a tipical local market
  • Shopping of all necessary ingredients in the Mercato Comunale (public market )
  • Transfer by ATM tram service from Piazza Wagner to Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Cooking lesson located in a real restaurant kitchen under the skilled directions of a glamour Milanese chef
  • Lunch or dinner and the final winner celebration
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of participation in his experienced cooking lesson
  • Photos and videos might be shared in Artés social platform
  • A smart contest will take place to celebrate the best recipe of 2015 and a selection of great Italian recipes, to be experienced and shared , will be also available there.






The experience is directed to adults conscious of the attention required to using cooking tools and burners