A day as artist – Wearable art fashion in Rome

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THE STORY Daniela is a Roman artist famous for her paintings, and under the brand “OnArtediem” she realizes “wearable art”. She is interested in acquiring artistic influences from around the world, this is why she welcomes you in her atelier to realize together sketches which will be used to complete her DM Experience International line in pure silk.   Do you feel you have artistic talent? Help Daniela complete the Onartediem collection in pure silk with your personal view of … Read More

Searching for Verdi’s forgotten music notes

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  THE STORY Hi kids! What kind of strangeness is happening in Milan?! Giuseppe Verdi, the famous composer, has lost his music notes and isn’t able to find them! Silvia, one of his dear friends, has decided to help him to find the lost notes . She is sure she’ll find them going back over the places he was used to attend. We need your help too! Are you so dauntless to join this enterprise and help her with the … Read More

Milano, red roses, kisses & photos

THE STORY Renzo and Lucia, protagonists of Alessandro Manzoni novel “I Promessi Sposi”(“The Betrothed”), after big sufferings and adventures, finally meet each other again at San Simpliciano church square, where they enjoy their kiss of love, forever lasting. Would you like to live that moment of eternity with your true love? Let you two beeing the lovers of Hayez’s masterpiece “Il Bacio”. Yes, exactly you, lovely couples, Milan is looking for you to be passionate! Let your love shine bright, spreading your kisses … Read More